Generator and Water Pump Covers
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Protect your investment during storage with Generator and Water Pump Covers made from premium SurLast; polyester fabric. This UV-resistant material fights fading while protecting your equipment from the elements. A special urethane coating lets moisture escape from underneath while remaining water repellent. The cover is mold and mildew resistant, as well as tear and abrasion resistant for durability.

ACC-GNCVR-10-01 (Blue)      

ACC-GNCVR-10-BK (Black)

Generator - EF1000iS      

ACC-GNCVR-20-BK (Black)

Generator - EF2000iS

Generator - EF2000iSv2

Generator - EF2000iSH

ACC-GNCVR-22-BK (Black)

Generator - EF2200iS

ACC-GNCVR-24-BK (Black)

Generator - EF2400iSHC

ACC-GNCVR-26-BK (Black)

Generator - EF2600

Generator - EF2800i

Water Pump - YP20G

Water Pump - YP30G

ACC-GNCVR-30-BK (Black)

Generator - EF3000iS

Generator - EF3000iSE

Generator - EF3000iSEB


Generator - EF4000DE/D

Generator - EF5200DE/D

Generator - EF6600DE/D

ACC-GNCVR-45-BK (Black)

Generator - EF4500iSE

Generator - EF6300iSDE    

ACC-GNCVR-55-BK (Black)

Generator - EF5500DE/D

Generator - EF7200DE/D

ACC-PWCVR-30-00 (Blue)        

ACC-GNCVR-30-BK (Black)

PW3028 Cover

ACC-PWCVR-40-00 (Blue)        

ACC-PWCVR-40-BK (Black)

PW4040 Cover

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