AM/WATT Appliance Load Tester by Reliance Controls
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The AM/WATT™ Appliance Load Tester by Reliance Controls gives quick, accurate readout of watts or amps used by 120 volt AC electrical devices (1875 Watts Maximum) such as refrigerators, dehumidifiers, space heaters, holiday lighting, coffee makers, hair dryers and much more. Has a 26” cord to reach remote electrical outlets. Easy amps/watts slide switch. This tester is also perfect for matching appliance loads to generator power output.


Generator - EF1000iS
Generator - EF12000DE
Generator - EF1600
Generator - EF2000iS
Generator - EF2000iSv2
Generator - EF2000iSH
Generator - EF2400iSHC
Generator - EF2600
Generator - EF2800i
Generator - EF3000iS
Generator - EF3000iSE
Generator - EF3000iSEB
Generator - EF4000DE/D
Generator - EF4500iSE
Generator - EF4600D
Generator - EF5200DE/D
Generator - EF5500DE/D
Generator - EF6300iSDE
Generator - EF6600DE/D
Generator - EF7200DE/D


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